Headwaters Plant Services is there every step of the way to help our clients find and implement the optimal strategies for handling site services issues.

HPS is the largest disposal contractor in United States for Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs). We have over 30 years’ experience at over 100 utility sites handling all types of CCRs, plus other service projects such as coal and limestone handling. We are not a local contractor that sidelines in CCR handling or disposal. We provide plant services as our core business.

Headwaters Plant Services provides a full suite of services for our utility and industrial clients. The statistics speak for themselves:

  •    On-going projects at 25 utility and industrial locations
  •    Under contract to dispose of more than 15 million tons of CCR annually
  •    Operate and maintain Flue Gas Desulphurization dewatering plants
  •    Construct new or expand existing landfills meeting any and all regulatory requirements

Headwaters Plant Services also offers unique insight when planning for the future. No other company possesses the historical perspective, national scale, operating experience and political and regulatory expertise that reside within the company. There is no better partner to assist you in when it comes to planning your byproduct management.

Headwaters Plant Services is closely affiliated with America’s largest coal ash marketer, Headwaters Resources. Visit them at www.flyash.com.


HPS - New Name, Decades of Experience

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