From individual services to turnkey operations, Headwaters Plant Services provides a range of options to utility and industrial facility managers. For each client, Headwaters  Plant Services designs a custom package that draws from these capabilities:


HPS can perform permitting for storm water, wetlands, air, stream alteration, solid waste, and landfills.


HPS laboratories can develop MSDS, product and characterization testing, OA/OC and CCR research.

Engineering and Design

  • Landfill design
  • Wet-to-dry ash handling conversion
  • Bulk storage facilities design
  • Material handling system design (bulk, powder, sludge, liquid)
  • Material processing system design (screening, pug-milling, jet-milling, pelletization, briquetting)
  • Site planning
  • Rail facilities
  • Scale facilities
  • O&M procedures development
  • Landfill closure and post-closure planning


  • Contract administration for landfills
  • Material handling systems
  • Material processing systems
  • Bulk storage systems
  • Rail facilities
  • Scale facilities

 Operations and Logistics

  • Ash marketing
  • Landfill management
  • Wet-to-dry ash handling conversion
  • Pond cleanouts and closures
  • Landfill closure
  • Structural fill
  • Mine reclamation
  • Waste stabilization
  • Coal yard management
  • Limestone management
  • Rail scheduling
  • Truck scheduling
  • Rolling stock maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance

Headwaters Resources also performs evaluations of existing landfills and disposal operations to assist clients in identifying emerging issues.

Headwaters Plant Services
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